Custom Weather Station Streams Data and Images

8th grader Jakub Nagy has been working on an Arduino-based weather station for over two years, and after many changes his system is not only able to read and transmit current conditions, but also takes images so that you can see what’s going on for yourself. The device is mounted at Nagy’s school in Bratislava, Slovakia, where it reads temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, and UV index.

An Arduino Uno forms the heart of this project, along with Ethernet and screw terminal shields — modified slightly in order to fit together properly. The Uno reads each sensor directly, with the exception of the rainfall sensor. Because the device switches on for 60 microseconds to indicate that it rained more than a set value, he decided to add a dedicated Arduino Nano for accurate monitoring. This then transmits data to the Uno via I2C.

The webcam feed is handled by the cheapest WiFi camera Nagy could find. This works well since there was a server available to handle streaming, but he notes that a Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera could also be used if this type of setup isn’t available. Data was originally piped to a custom website, but now is available on Weathercloud, which provides a nice user interface and access to many other weather readings.

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Original article: Custom Weather Station Streams Data and Images
Author: Jeremy S. Cook