Maxvec engages with Libelium IoT Ecosystem

Maxvec Sdn. Bhd., authorised distributor of Libelium products in Malaysia, is among the pioneers commencing Internet of Things (IoT) projects in this country. In line with the Malaysian government in accelerating adoption of Industry 4.0, Maxvec as a Malaysian IoT Platform, is working closely with government agencies and private sectors to revolutionise the Internet of Things towards achieving Industry 4.0 goals.

Maxvec is in the midst of providing IoT solutions and diversified IoT products throughout the nation. Beyond expectations, Maxvec is reaching out to clients under the concept of ‘IoT for All’ which is an added value to partners whom do not have programming capability but need a rapid implementation of IoT in order to win the tender.

Interoperability and the ecosystem are the base for growth. Libelium and its partners are focusing their efforts on the creation and maintenance of a bigger and stronger IoT ecosystem. The ultimate goal of Libelium and Maxvec is to create an ecosystem of hardware providers, solution providers, software developers, system integrators, resellers, consultants, partners, and users in Malaysia for an all-inclusive community.

Maxvec IoT Dashboard

Maxvec IoT Dashboard

A giant LED display shown in the company showroom is proof that Maxvec is capable of integrating with multiple verticals of IoT sensors onto one single platform. The LED display serves as an IoT dashboard illustrating the summary of all smart verticals simultaneously connected.

To complement the IoT Dashboard, based on partner’s and end user’s recommendations, in response Maxvec has launched a new web portal known as Malaysia IoT Platform ( This platform is to engage partners, agencies, and individuals with the IoT world in detail. The website is designed to easily comprehend the IoT Libelium catalog. This allows system integrators, end users and IoT enthusiasts to understand the IoT verticals and subsequently purchase the products based on their specifications and desires.

Maxvec new website

“Together let’s create the world a better place for IoT emergence and expansion,” emphasizes Ms. Marni Rani, Managing Director of Maxvec.

If you want to join our IoT Ecosystem or want more information about it, contact Libelium Sales Department.

Original article: Maxvec engages with Libelium IoT Ecosystem
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