Why the right balance between breadth and depth is key to IoT partner programme success

ABI Research’s ​“SI/VAR and Partner Program IoT Ecosystem Market Data” report, which ranked 547 companies on their IoT service capabilities in its recent analysis, has found that partner programmes and their member companies are steadily maturing in their IoT offerings while at the same time also reducing average number of members per partner programme.

Compared to the first time when ABI Research first evaluated high IoT maturity grade in September 2015, the number of organisations receiving high maturity ranking increased by nearly two and a half times as 65% of listed organisations were ranked highly.

Ryan Harbison, research analyst at ABI Research, said: “The most successful partner programmes are the ones that strike the right balance between the breadth and depth of their partner programme offering. Enterprises and end-users across all vertical markets will continue to turn to these ecosystems to more effectively navigate the otherwise fragmented technology and supplier landscape.” 

Another report from the research firm, titled “Smart Urban Spaces”, argues that very little attention has been given to the urgent issue of redefining public space to cope with new tech-driven examples like sharing economy, automation, and more generally the new smart urban economy. This is despite a lot of ongoing debate over smart cities, which are mostly focused on digitising infrastructure via a variety of connectivity and IoT technologies.

“Parking is one of the most obvious examples of how smart mobility technology, driverless car sharing in particular, will transform how the public space is organised,” said ABI Research’s Dominique Bonte.

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Original article: Why the right balance between breadth and depth is key to IoT partner programme success
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