Adjustable 60 NeoPixel LED ring / circle / clock holder #3DPrinting #3DThursday

from Adjustable 60 NeoPixel LED ring / circle / clock holder #3DPrinting #3DThursday
by Jessie Mae

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Got a set of 4 quarters (15 LEDs each) of a circle of WS2812 (did not see any WS2812B at the time) LEDs off fleaBay and wanted a circular frame to hold them together. I whipped this up from scratch in OpenSCAD because I know just enough to fumble my way to somewhat working code. I cut out a square space at the back so that they can be soldered up without it interfering with them sitting flat. I have created a clock face and I’m controlling the LEDs with an Arduino Nano, but getting them into a circular ring was the first step, and may be all you need.

The more complete CLOCK is here: (ongoing project)

Smaller printers won’t be able to print the entire track as a complete circle, so there are 2 options, halves and quarters that snap together like basic puzzle pieces. I may work on a slightly more elaborate way of them connecting for a tiny improvement of the look, but I have a printer that prints the whole circle, so it’s not a high priority.

This thing should be pretty customizable, I don’t know if you can use it for other sizes of LED rings less than 60, however, I can safely say that if you have the same product from a different factory and you need to make minor adjustments to make it fit, you will be able to customize it perfectly. I had to adjust the diameter to a half millimetre to get the curve correct so they fit in with no gap between the circuits. It turns out that the section connections added that half millimeter to the diameter, so I have corrected the full track to be the correct diameter since I had only tested the fit of the 2-part track. The diffuser STL has been replaced to match the change. I’m still pretty new to OpenSCAD, so there are quite a few inefficiencies and blunders that may get corrected if I have the time or donations (which allows for more time and provides motivation).

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