Solaborate Kickstarts Four New HELLO Video Conferencing Devices

Collaborating remotely on a project can be tricky, and it’s difficult to convey complex ideas through traditional business communication methods like phone calls and emails. Collaboration software like Slack and Trello can certainly help, but ideally we want to interact with our team members like they’re in the same room. Until we get sci-fi style holograms, video conferencing is the best way to do that. Now, the Solaborate team is back with four new video conferencing products launching on Kickstarter.

In 2016, Solaborate ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch HELLO, which was like a webcam combined with a smart TV set-top box. Today, Solaborate is back with the HELLO 2, along with three other new products: the HELLO Touch TV, the HELLO Creator Edition, and the HELLO Controller. The HELLO 2 is an upgraded version of the HELLO, which they’re describing as the “world’s most powerful communication device.” It’s essentially a smart webcam for video conferencing, screen sharing, live broadcasting, and security. It even has Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant built in.

The HELLO Touch TV takes those same features and integrates them into a 65 inch 4K 10-point multi-touch TV. The touch capability adds digital whiteboard features that would be helpful for illustrating concepts while conferencing. The HELLO Creator Edition is simply a HELLO 2 in a clear housing, which is supposed to demonstrate that the platform is developer-friendly through Gadget Extensions. And, finally, the HELLO Controller is a traditional twin-stick gamepad that you can use to play video games on your HELLO devices.

The Kickstarter campaign is running until December 7th and has already reached almost 10 times the funding goal. The HELLO 2 or HELLO Creator Edition is $449, the HELLO Touch TV with a HELLO 2 is $2,299, and the HELLO 2 with a HELLO Controller is $528. Rewards should ship in December.

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Original article: Solaborate Kickstarts Four New HELLO Video Conferencing Devices
Author: Cameron Coward