DDR Meets Simon Says in This LattePanda MIDI Step Interface

Dance Dance Revolution and Simon Says have a quite a lot in common: they’re both simple sequence-following games that anyone can play without much practice or explanation. When you think about it, Dance Dance Revolution is just a dancing-themed video game version of Simon Says. So, why not skip the pretense and just make a giant step-activated version of Simon Says? That’s the idea behind this MIDI Step Interface, and you can follow the tutorial to build it yourself.

This project was a commission built by KILOMX. They were hired to create “an interactive installation where almost any kind of audience could make use of it no matter their age.” Simon Says seemed like the perfect implementation of that, and so they set out trying to turn that idea into an installation everyone could enjoy. The primary part of the interface, which players stand on, is made up of 10 semi-translucent hexagonal PVC panels. Those are placed on top of a welded steel frame, with NeoPixels underneath to create the lighting effects.

KILOMX chose a LattePanda to control the interface, which is a powerful Windows 10 computer and Arduino Leonardo all built into a single development board. Each of the hexagonal platforms has a switch, so the system can sense which platforms players are standing on. The goal of the game is to step on the indicated platforms in the proper sequence, just like Simon Says. The finished product looks fantastic, and is sure to grab the attention of passersby.

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Original article: DDR Meets Simon Says in This LattePanda MIDI Step Interface
Author: Cameron Coward