Dad-Powered MechWarrior Halloween Costume

It’s Halloween, which means that parents everywhere are either putting together last-minute costumes for their kids and themselves, or seeing what’s left at local stores. One thing you likely won’t find, however, is a Stalker MechWarrior costume like the one seen in the video below.

While its shoulder mounted mini-gun and actuated radar dish on top (presumably) don’t work, the “engine” compartment houses the larger member of its two-person team, accounting for its functional bipedal motion. As needed, the mech is able to lower itself to the ground, allowing drivers to hop in and out of its cockpit after the enclosure swings open. Once properly seated, the driver can control the engine-dad using a joystick, which turns on signal lights in his compartment. The mech also features a dash, light, cooling fan, and headlights, presumably for navigation while trick-or-treating.

While specific details of the build are slim, the video notes that it uses three microcontrollers (most likely Arduinos) along with four power supplies to run all of its accessories. The engine compartment is padded for comfort, and even includes a cell phone pouch. It’s nicely constructed, but one does have to wonder how long the engine’s human power source can last with even a small driver at the controls.

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Original article: Dad-Powered MechWarrior Halloween Costume
Author: Jeremy S. Cook