EU puts weight behind Wi-Fi over 5G for connected cars

As the industry decides what connectivity should be used for connected cars, the EU appears to be putting its weight behind Wi-Fi over 5G.

The EU hopes the approval of technical specifications for one technology over the other will help bring the industry together.

Once there’s more certainty about what standard will be used, the industry can move forward with confidence. Manufacturers and consumers will both know their new products will be supported and not quickly defunct.

Draft proposals from the EU indicate the bloc is preparing to approve Wi-Fi-based standard ‘ITS-G5’ ahead of 5G alternative ‘C-V2X’.

Both standards have their own high-profile backings:

  • ITS-G5 is supported by the likes of Volkswagen, Renault, and NXP.

  • C-V2X, meanwhile, is primarily supported by mobile industry players including Huawei, Ericsson, Samsung, and Qualcomm. However, the 5G-based standard has also won over some vehicle manufacturers such as Ford and Daimler.

ITS-G5 supporters argue the standard is more orientated towards vehicle needs such as crash avoidance; where speed and reliability are paramount. C-V2X supporters counter their technology is more adaptable to a wide range of uses and is more futureproof.

Both will eventually be approved, but the first will have a welcome headstart. Connected cars and their services are expected to be worth billions in the coming years, so companies are eager to get started.

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Original article: EU puts weight behind Wi-Fi over 5G for connected cars
Author: ryan