#3DPrinted Sony Camera & GoPro Fusion 360 Dual Mount #celebratephotography

from #3DPrinted Sony Camera & GoPro Fusion 360 Dual Mount #celebratephotography
by Stephanie


From lsummers on Thingiverse:

We’ve spent the last 3 years building our own VR content company (http://www.redironlabs.com). During this time, we’ve created many of our own parts for various things. I figured it was time to start sharing those here for everyone 🙂

OK – this is a fun one. We have to do a fair amount of 4k 360 videos over the next while but I like to have a nice 1080p standard video with them. To cut down on the number of tripods we need to carry, this lets us mount a small (sony handycam in this case) camera on the bottom, and a gopro device (gopro 360 fusion in this case) on the same tripod!

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#3DPrinted Sony Camera & GoPro Fusion 360 Dual Mount #celebratephotography