Display-Aligned Hinge Mounts (EyeGaze & More) #3DThursday #3DPrinting

from Display-Aligned Hinge Mounts (EyeGaze & More) #3DThursday #3DPrinting
by Jessie Mae

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This system allows you to mount a device to a display and have the device remain aligned to the display. If the display rotates, the device will as well.

This is especially helpful for things like Eye Gaze devices for Assistive Technology users (and gamers, it turns out) and perhaps cameras and more.

This system is based on our prototype “Watch band” mount for the Tobii EyeX eye gaze device: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2266941 which should be considered obsolete.

To use this system, you will need a Base, some links, and a device connection. Right now we have one base (the VESA mount) and two device connections (the EyeX and 4C eye gaze devices). Additional bases such as tablet & laptop mounts as well as additional devices such as cameras will be added to this system.

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Display-Aligned Hinge Mounts (EyeGaze & More) #3DThursday #3DPrinting