Movement Reactive Cyberpunk Corset with #NeoPixels and #CircuitPlaygroundExpress #3DPrinting #WearableWednesday

from Movement Reactive Cyberpunk Corset with #NeoPixels and #CircuitPlaygroundExpress #3DPrinting #WearableWednesday
by Stephanie


Absolutely totally loving this wearable from Amie D.D. on

Dystopian Night City Cyberpunk 2020

There be dragons…well dragon 3D-printed spikes on fabric…close enough.

Dragon Con is my favorite cosplay fandom event I attend every year in Atlanta.

I like to set challenges for myself when I make new costumes, using something I already know and adding something new, everythings a remix.

I usually say I make everything with love… and few curse words.

Potion List: Using my Ultimaker S5 and a Circuit Playground Express from Adafruit mixed with some Neopixels, I was able to program the LEDs to light-up with movement.

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Original article: Movement Reactive Cyberpunk Corset with #NeoPixels and #CircuitPlaygroundExpress #3DPrinting #WearableWednesday