Teal Releases One Drone Armed with a Nvidia Jetson TX1 Module

Teal Releases One Drone Armed with an Nvidia Jetson TX1 Module

Salt Lake City-based Teal recently released their new flagship drone, the Teal One, which has a top speed of 60 mph (40 mph in windy conditions), a flight time of 15 minutes, and a Wi-Fi range of 600 feet — pretty impressive for a non-racing drone. The drone was also designed for durability, and features modular swap-out arms and propellers, allowing for repair or replacement in the field.

The Teal One drone also packs a PX4-based flight controller and an Ambarella camera processor with 12MP HDR sensor/f2.5 lens. (📷: Teal)

The Teal One packs Nvidia’s Jetson TX1 module, which enables developers to design everything from AR to autonomous flight applications using the board’s 256 CUDA cores and Teal’s included SDK. As it stands at this point, the drone comes with only a single app, the company’s Teal Flight, which provides five ways to pilot— one-handed mode, traditional (using a pair of on-screen joysticks), voice, multi-touch, and game controller.

The Teal One is controlled via an app with easy to use flight controls and features a 300-foot adjustable Flight Bubble — a controlled flight area for practicing and trying new stunts. (📷: Teal)

The drone is even equipped with a host of sensors that Teal’s SDK can take advantage of — GPS, 2X IMU, altimeter, magnetometer, rangefinder, current, voltage, RPM and temperature. As far as images and video are concerned, the drone sports a 12MP HDR camera with f2.5 lens and a FOV of 123 X 90, allowing for 4K (@ 30fps portrait) and 2.5K (@ 30fps stabilized landscape).

Teal also provides several accessories for their One drone, including extra replacement arms, propellers, battery, and charger. (📷: Teal)

The Teal One retails for $1,199, which puts it on the higher end of the adventure drone spectrum with similar offerings from other competitors such as Parrot’s Anafi and DJI’s Mavic Air, but its modular aspect might be enough of an appeal for those looking for a new aerial platform.

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Author: Cabe Atwell