HyperCube Takes Infinity Mirrors to Another Dimension

With the proliferation of RGB LED strips, infinity mirrors — which reflect light back and forth among a pair of mirrors, making it appear to stretch to infinity — still aren’t commonplace, but perhaps they’re not as surprising as they once were. What is surprising about the HyperCube, however, is that it doesn’t use a pair of mirrors, but six arranged in a cube in order to allow viewing from multiple angles.

Inside of each wall of the HyperCube is a perimeter lined with RGB LEDs, creating an effect that looks spectacular in the videos below — and has to be unbelievable in person. This would certainly make an amazing display for any ultra-modern home, or your next light-infused party. Besides looking very good on the inside, the cube features a frame made out of extruded aluminum. This should hold up quite nicely, and maybe even allow access if you’d like to repair or upgrade the unit.

While still in a prototyping phase, the HyperCube is available in a 10” or 15” variation via an ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Delivery of the cubes is slated for August 2019, but if you want to pay a significant premium you can have one of their prototypes delivered in the February timeframe — letting you stare at your cube while most people are still waiting!

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Original article: HyperCube Takes Infinity Mirrors to Another Dimension
Author: Jeremy S. Cook