William Osman Builds an Automatic Axe Body Spray “Shower”

Middle school boys, according to the recent William Osman video seen below, stereotypically smell quite bad. However, at least [?] they attempt to cover this stench up by spraying copious amounts of Axe body spray. While maybe not fair to the thousands of students who do take a traditional water-based shower daily, Osman notes that “For all you nasty boys out there, this one’s for you.”

The build starts out with Osman, along with Morgan and Michael Reeves attempting to build something with a sensor/components kit. After several questionable ideas, including “cat, cat, cat, hamburger, burrrito” from Cameraman John, they finally settle on another questionable idea involving quite a few miniature cans of Axe “deoderant.” Their idea is that the device will use an ultrasonic sensor to determine how close someone’s arm pit is to the automatic sprayer, then use a humidity sensor to determine how its supposed to spray.

The results do seem to work, though whether or not the actual humidity sensor is properly implemented is perhaps questionable. Nonetheless, it’s an entertaining video in Osman and company’s distinct style, and even includes the useful programming tidbit: You shoudn’t use a boolean value for numerical values other than 1 and 0. So now you know.

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Original article: William Osman Builds an Automatic Axe Body Spray “Shower”
Author: Jeremy S. Cook