AI with Microsoft – A hands-on session with Azure Machine Learning

Data Science for Internet of Things Meetup – London

I am pleased to announce a great new hands-on session with Microsoft
As usual, we will try and maintain gender balance

Also, to encourage members of the group – we also have our own David Moss(long term member of the group) and Microsoft MVP working with Amy from Microsoft to present on Power BI (https://www.linkedin….)

Session Abstract: Azure Machine Learning is a platform for developing and deploying your machine learning models. Use your favourite frameworks, libraries and tools to build and deploy your machine learning experiments with the help of the cloud.
In this workshop we will look at the lifecycle of your projects: from data, to model and model to consumption in the real world. You can follow along with code samples I will share, as well as using these examples to help you replicate this workshop with your own projects after the event.

Presenter Name: Amy Boyd – Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Amy Boyd is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, having obtained a degree in Computer Science, completing a research project in Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning and an internship at Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Amy is passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning and her roles at Microsoft have allowed her to work on many different areas of data science (visualisation, ML, big data, IoT) as well as working on projects with customers across the globe. Her role as a Developer Advocate helps developers to engage with Microsoft around Microsoft Azure and specifically the Azure AI services by providing content, learnings, and sample code. You will find her sharing her content and learnings online and at in-person events.
Twitter: @AmyKateNicho
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin….

London – United Kingdom

Thursday, October 25 at 6:00 PM


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