Keep Your Cryptocurrency Secure with LiquidEOS’ Hardware Wallet

LiquidEOS recently teamed up with Scatter (SSO authenticators) to bring about the first open source EOS Hardware Wallet, which provides secure cold storage of the blockchain-based cryptocurrency. More accurately, they have produced a step-by-step guide on how to build your own affordable Hardware Wallet for around $41 with off-the-shelf parts.

The EOS Hardware Wallet was designed using the Raspberry Pi Zero W, 128 X 64 OLED Bonnet, and 16 GB microSDHC for storage. (📷: LiquidEOS)

The EOS Hardware Wallet is a relatively simple design that features a Raspberry Pi Zero W, an Adafruit 128 X 64 OLED Bonnet, a Pi Zero enclosure, and a 16 GB micro SDHC card for storing EOS cryptocurrency. The project does require some skill with a soldering iron; otherwise, you could go with a Zero WH that’s already outfitted with pre-soldered pins.

Whatever route you roll with, assembly of the hardware is straightforward — just connect the Bonnet to the Zero using the 20-pin header and then place the electronics inside the enclosure and install the MicroSD card and you’re to move onto the software side.

For software, the Hardware Wallet makes use of LiquidEOS’ Bancor-based blockchain software that uses the protocol to keep tabs on your EOS cryptocurrency. Scatter Desktop is used to keep everything secure- authentication, permissions, identities, blockchains, and currency, with an SSO that uses asymmetric encryption.

The Hardware Wallet uses the LiquidEOS blockchain software with Bancor DNA and Scatter SSO encryption. (📷: LiquidEOS)

Although the EOS Hardware Wallet is open source and Scatter is pretty decent keeping everything secure, there are a few disclaimers to take note of if you choose to create your own. Only one Keypair (in Scatter) is supported, there is no hardware encryption, there is no support for importing the seed phrase, and you are advised against using the wallet for owner keys until the technology has been thoroughly tested.

For a complete walkthrough on building an EOS Hardware Wallet, complete with BOM, and software files and firmware, head over to LiquidEOS’ Medium page found here.

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Original article: Keep Your Cryptocurrency Secure with LiquidEOS’ Hardware Wallet
Author: Cabe Atwell