Sensything Provides Sensors, Processing, and Wireless on a Single Board

According to Bangalore-based ProtoCentral, Sensything is an open source, multi-sensor, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled platform that can be used for any number projects that need the ability to detect, monitor, and record data in nearly any environment. What’s more, the company asserts that even novices with little electronics knowledge can use the board, which doesn’t require soldering or use of a breadboard.

Sensything features an ESP32 SoC, Qwiic extension connectors, analog inputs, and 24-bit ADC. (📷: ProtoCentral)

Sensything is built around the ESP32 SoC and is equipped with a high-resolution ADS1220 24-bit ADC for low-noise data acquisition. As for the additional hardware, the board sports a host of analog features, including 4X channels single-ended/2-channel fully differential, full-scale input range (± 2.048 V to ± 0.016 V), a sampling rate from 20 to 2000 SPS, built-in temperature sensor, and 2.048V (voltage reference).

The Sensything connects to external sensors using alligator clips without the need to be soldered. (📷: ProtoCentral)

For wireless, the Sensything hosts 2.4GHz RF with PCB antenna, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE-compatible). Ports and I/O options include alligator clip compatible inputs, a pair of SparkFun Qwiic-compatible I2C ports, USB to CDC, 4X general purpose I/O, and a WS2812 RGB LED. On the power end, the board is Li-ion capable (you supply the power @ 3.7V/1000mAh), has an onboard USB battery charger, onboard 5V DC/DC boost converter, and 3.3V digital supply voltage.

The Sensything will come pre-loaded with firmware that provides simple BLE data gathering, which is gained through all four channels of the ADC and displays those values on an Android-based app. Additional app functions include Wi-Fi access point mode (allows you to see data in a computer browser), and developer mode (programming through the Arduino IDE or ESP-IDF).

ProtoCentral is currently crowdfunding their Sensything on CrowdSupply, and those looking to get their hands on one can pledge $49 or more, which gets you a fully assembled board only with no accessories, although the can be had at the higher price-points (battery and cables).

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Original article: Sensything Provides Sensors, Processing, and Wireless on a Single Board
Author: Cabe Atwell