3D Print Your Own Breath of the Wild Bladesaw in Time for Halloween

Each game in The Legend of Zelda franchise has its own distinct aesthetic style, from the cell-shaded cartoon graphics of The Wind Waker to the surreal world of Majora’s Mask. Last year’s Breath of the Wild managed to secure a position at the top of the list of the best games in the franchise, and that was at least partially due to imaginative Ancient weapons like the bladesaw. If you’re gearing up for Halloween, or just want a stunning display piece, Adafruit has a tutorial on how to 3D print your very own bladesaw.

Building this bladesaw is a lot more complicated than, say, a Master Sword replica. Not only does it light up, but it has a chainsaw blade that actually spins. While it’s definitely worth the effort, be prepared to spend many hours 3D printing the various parts. All of those parts were designed by the Ruiz brothers in Autodesk Fusion 360 using the in-game bladesaw as a reference. The parts require a dual-extruder printer, and at least one of those extruders needs to be compatible with flexible filament. They used an Ultimaker S5, but you can use any printer that meets those requirements, or have the parts printed professionally.

The electronics can all be purchased directly from Adafruit. Those include a Circuit Playground Express, a CRICKIT for the Express, a gear box, battery pack, and whole bunch of NeoPixels. Once you have all of your parts, you can follow the detailed instructions to assemble the chainsaw mechanism and the rest of the bladesaw. It’s definitely a huge undertaking, but the result speaks for itself and will make Guardians quiver in fear. It’s an inspiring build that really pushes the boundaries of 3D-printed prop making.

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Original article: 3D Print Your Own Breath of the Wild Bladesaw in Time for Halloween
Author: Cameron Coward