Smart Parking Solution by The Things Network, Yazamtec and Libelium

Libelium announces today the release of a new Smart Parking solution kit in collaboration with The Things Network and Yazamtec. The kit is available now from The IoT Marketplace and can be ordered for use in Europe, North America, Australia and India.

The smart parking kit consists of several devices which are designed to be buried in parking spaces and can detect the arrival and departure of vehicles. The platform then allows for system integrators to offer comprehensive parking management solutions to city councils and end customers. By providing accurate information on available parking spaces, motorists save time and fuel and cities reduce atmospheric pollution and congestion.

Libelium Smart Parking Sensor Node

Libelium Smart Parking Sensor Node

Using LoRaWAN technology and the existing public network in over 90 countries around the world, this smart parking kit makes it easy for anyone to build their own solution or deploy it right away. Developers do not have to cope with programming the nodes, they just have to specify the key parameters on the device such as working cycle or night mode to be ready to work. Remote management and bidirectional communication allows to change several parameters of the nodes from the Cloud. This allows for easy reprogramming of nodes by just setting the right values from the web browser in the management platform.

“With this partnership, we continue to increase our capabilities and presence in the LoRaWAN ecosystem. The ready to use parking kit allows solution providers and businesses to leverage from an existing network in 90 plus countries around the world”, declares Wienke Giezeman, Co-Founder at The Things Network.

Libelium smart parking technology has been installed in different cities such as Montpellier (France) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to monitor free parking spaces in places such as shopping malls. These devices were also installed in the surface of the roadway on the parking areas for people with reduced mobility and delivery services with the aim to relieve congestion, streamline traffic, and improve access to car park areas.

Libelium-Yazamtec-The Things Network SmartParking LoRaWAN Solution Kit

Libelium-Yazamtec-The Things Network SmartParking LoRaWAN Solution Kit

“The collaboration with The Things Network and Yazamtech enables the launch of ready-to-use solutions that enable smart cities to implement IoT technology quickly and scalably“, says Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO.

The kit is available for the following regions:

  • Europe (863 – 870 MHz)
  • US / Canada (902 – 928 MHz)
  • Australia (915 – 928 MHz)
  • India (865 – 867 MHz)

If you want to join our IoT Ecosystem or want more information about it, contact Libelium Sales Department.

More information:

  • For technical details on Smart Parking: Smart Parking Technical Guide
  • Smart Parking by Libelium includes Double Radio with LoRaWAN and Sigfox:
  • Libelium Improves Accuracy of Smart Parking Sensors up to 99% and Adds Australia, Asia PAC and LATAM Coverage:
  • Libelium Presents at Intertraffic the New Enhanced Smart Parking Sensor Platform up to 99% Accurate:


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