NEW PRODUCT – 2600 Hacker Quarterly – Winter 2017-2018

from NEW PRODUCT – 2600 Hacker Quarterly – Winter 2017-2018
by Angelica

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NEW PRODUCT – 2600 Hacker Quarterly – Winter 2017-2018

2600: The Hacker Quarterly is an American quarterly journal specializing in issues surrounding hacking, telephone switching systems, internet protocols, telecommunications in general, the politics around high technology, and its impact on society.

With origins in the phreaking community and late 20th century counterculture, 2600 and its associated conference transitioned to coverage of modern hacker culture, and the magazine has become a platform for speaking out against increased digital surveillance and advocacy of personal and digital freedoms.

This issue includes a piece by our very own LadyAda – Citizen Engineer!

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Featured in this issue:

  • Credit Denial
  • Using dnscat2 for Encrypted C&C over DNS
  • Educating Friends and Family About Online Security
  • Creating Strong and Easy to Remember Passwords
  • Don’t You Have a Smart Watch Yet?
  • What Happens When WHOIS Data Is Made Public
  • Deuthing the Neighbors, or Ring Theory
  • Nightmare on E Street (Modem and Me Against the World)
  • Quantum Computers and Bitcoin
  • Conventionalist Theory of Reference in Comparison to Programming Language
  • Down and Out in a Land of Script Kiddies
  • Dispelling a Breach Rumor
  • The Russian Hacking Diatribe, and Why It Is Complete Agitprop Nonsense
  • Successful Network Attacks – Phase Five
  • Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0x14

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