Verizon upgrades its Cat M network for IoT solutions

Verizon has made its Cat M network capable of providing voice access and serve applications using fixed IoT voice services, such as alarm panels with communications components, by strengthening its ability to support a wide range of IoT solutions with enhanced features.

A feature called Connected Mode Mobility (CMM) empowers mobile voice service that is being deployed at present and will be complete within the month of September 2018. CMM allows seamless transitions by improving data transfers and handoffs while using mobile voice or latency sensitive data. Upon completion of deployment, the Cat M network will start supporting IoT solutions consuming less power, which will maintain the battery life and providing fixed or mobile voice connectivity.

IoT solution requirements differ in data rate, battery life and scalability.

For smaller IoT solutions with data rates lower than 100kbps, NB IoT Guardband technology is an ideal option. For medium data, Verizon has a nationwide Cat M network with voice capabilities. For larger IoT solutions, the telecom giant has Cat 1 network as a suitable choice; andΒ for extra-large data needs, it has the trusted LTE network in the industry.

Earlier this month, Verizon and Nokia announced they had successfully completed transmission of a 3GPP New Radio (NR) 5G signal to a receiver in a moving vehicle for the first time. During this test, a data transmission on 28 GHz spectrum was sent from two 5G NR radios on the Nokia building to a vehicle outfitted with a receiver and equipment to measure transmission statistics, which smoothly travelled between the two radios achieving seamless 5G NR Layer 3 3GPP-compliant mobility handoff of the signal between the two sectors (intra-gNB and inter-DU).

Original article: Verizon upgrades its Cat M network for IoT solutions
Author: iottechnews