New Make: 3D Printed Hilbert Cube @tbuser

from New Make: 3D Printed Hilbert Cube @tbuser
by Noe Ruiz

Back in 2012, Tony Buser created a Hilbert Cube for 3D printing with PVA water soluble support material.

While looking for new interesting things to print using water soluble PVA support, I decided I want to try to make a Hilbert Cube:

After trying and failing to do it in openscad, I worked around it’s limitations by writing a ruby script that generates openscad code. This ruby script can create a 1-3 iterations of a hilbert curve in 3d. I borrowed code from a Processing script by Thomas Diewald at

In our recent Crickit Lab Shaker project I 3D printed a few of these cubes to demonstrate how well agitating parts with PVA supports works. It’s a really great model for testing PVA support material, big props to Tony! Experimenting with agitating PVA supports for faster dissolving using a DIY lab shaker. Autogenerated supports using CURA 3.4.X. Printed with an Ultimaker 3 using 0.4 BB printcore for Ultimaker’s PVA. More details can be found in the project learn guide:

See timelapse of PVA dissolving in the youtubes

We also have a guide on 3D printing PVA support material

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