BatBoard Returns!

If Batman had a skateboard what would it look like? If you’ve somehow ever wondered the answer to that question, James Bruton has answered it once and for all with his bat-themed electric skateboard. As seen in the video below, the build — actually a renovation of an earlier project— is reminiscent of the Batmobile featured as Christian Bale’s ride, looking like something of a cross between a tank, a black Ferrari, and a skateboard.

The BatBoard uses a pair of 24V batteries and VESCs to power the drive motors. Steering is taken care of via an Arduino Pro Mini, which controls a windshield wiper motor. This uses a clever setup with a potentiometer on a sprocket to allow it to function like a servo.

The coolest renovation in this version is the user interface. Instead of implementing a two-handed RC remote control when riding, it now has a wired controller with an IMU. Bruton simply tilts the controller forward to accelerate, back to stop, and left/right to turn. Importantly, a button is used to activate the device, so if he looses his grip or concentration, it shuts off. RC control is still implemented as well, so the BatBoard can be summoned remotely, just as the real Batman would expect.

Code for the build can be found here if you’d like to try your hand at something similar!

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Original article: BatBoard Returns!
Author: Jeremy S. Cook