2018 Blockchain Innovation Application Forum and MTC Global Open Sharing Platform Conference Was Successfully Held

2018 Blockchain Innovation Application Forum and MTC Global Open Sharing Platform Conference Was Successfully Held

On August 26, 2018, the “2018 Blockchain Innovation Application Forum and MTC Global Open Sharing Platform Conference” hosted by MTC MESH NETWORK was successfully held in Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street Garage Coffee. The event was supported by blockchain industry players, media, community members and others.


The theme of the event is the blockchain business landing and application scenarios. MTC will open its global open sharing platform to form the MTC ecosystem and provide convenience for more enterprises and users. MTC invites many cosers doing “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” cosplay which makes the conference reach a climax.


In the opening speech of the conference, Professor Wang Binsheng talked about his personal experience in the development of blockchain technology, and said: “The transformation of society is not driven by technology, but by the market. Its transformation has just been at the beginning, the systematic application of blockchain technology is very important in commercial promotion, the market won’t be declined all the time.”


MTC MESH founder Arron Lee said: “5 or 6 years ago, it was the best time of entrepreneurship, the market is very hot, there are many people who talk about their own projects in the coffee garage. In the past two years, the market is in a downturn, and the entrepreneurial atmosphere is not like it used to be.Capital has entered the cold winter. But the cold winter is the best opportunity for entrepreneurs, fewer competitors, fewer new talents, and better opportunities to polish their products. MTC Mesh will make better products and carry out better results in this period.”


MTC Mesh COO Roger introduces to everyone: “MTC Mesh is based on the application scenario of IoT + blockchain. MTC MESH NETWORK builds a basic decentralized communication protocol for IoT devices, through Bluetooth, MTC has built a ad-hoc network which can expand unlimitedly.” And then Roger introduces MTC products,SDK,Mesh Station and BluetoothLE module to everyone.


Roger said: “MTC combines with the blockchain through Bluetooth and Mesh Network. It can be applied to all IoT projects,to help them solve problems such as high-cost construction,data storage security,personal maintenance, and waste resources,etc.”

At the press conference, MTC MESH founder Arron Lee issued three red envelopes containing 18888MTC with MTC Wallet, which brings the conference to a climax.

Finally, MTC MESH Reached a strategic cooperative partnership with a number of companies around the world and signed on the spot. Meng Chilii, the founder of the JC BLE, showed how do the smart water meter collect data on the spot. MTC MESH has a number of projects that are already in progress, and will continue to expand its business in the future, allowing more projects to be implemented.


When the conference ended,the founder of MTC Mesh,Arron Lee,was surrounded by people from all kinds of industries asking different questions about MTC Mesh,and Arron Lee answered them one by one.


From mHealth to our shelter and food,Blockchain will influence our life enormously in the future.But for the project landing part,MTC Mesh has surpassed many Blockchain projects,and it will do even better in the following days.Let’s be hopeful for its faithful future.

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