PIX: Interactive Animated LED Backpack

On the outside, PIX looks like any normal backpack. However, when powered on, it reveals a 16×20 LED array capable of displaying images or animations in 16.5 million color combinations. Lighting is controlled via Bluetooth, and while rewards for this Kickstarter campaign will ship out in early 2019, the Android and iOS apps are available there to download and try out today.

In addition to showing images and animations, the device can work in an interactive mode, pushing notifications, and even letting you play old-school video games on its low-resolution screen. It can also be used with a custom bicycle remote, signalling a left or right turn on command, and using its accelerometer to detect when you apply the brakes.

Power is provided by a normal USB power bank, or you can order their 20,000 mAh pack that will run the lights for 12 hours continuously. Usefully, this lets you charge your other mobile devices as needed. Along with the onboard electronics, PIX does actually function as a backpack, made out of water resistant nylon fabric, with a main and zippered compartments to hold all of your stuff.

Check out the videos below to see how it’s used to create animations, as well as its bicycling setup.

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook