Webinar Recap: Embrace and Extend the Connected Vehicle Platform

The connected vehicle continues to rapidly evolve and grow as customer, economic and government demands increase.

Based on a recent study by IDC, it is forecasted that technology connectivity investment (internet of things) will reach $1.4 trillion by 2021. The transportation industry alone will spend approximately $85 billion in 2017.

But are you delivering a compelling customer experience with your connected vehicle activities? How are you managing the complex and dynamic connected vehicle ecosystem? Do you have the proper systems and processes in place to provide the personalized experience that customers demand?

The future of mobility has evolved to provide consumers with transportation options based on their personal needs. And consumer demands for personalization means many-to-many relationships; rather than 1 vehicle to 1 person. These connectivity demands mean OEMs must extend their services and properly manage their offerings to meet customer expectations.

Immerging transportation needs however open monetization opportunity across the entire connected driver journey. But to succeed, one must plan a holistic connected vehicle approach that accounts for the complex connected vehicle ecosystems, as well as complex environmental connections that bring together the complete customer experience.

Designing and implementing a connected vehicle strategy that accounts for constant change can be challenging. Complexity across the ecosystem of things, government regulations, customer personalization, and global market differences to name a few.

In our recent webinar; Extend and Embrace the Connected Vehicle Platform, Covisint’s Automotive Director Tim Evavold explains how one can operate at a lower cost than competition, and command a price premium through strategic positioning. See how you can drive brand loyalty through managing the complex connected vehicle ecosystem by clicking here.

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