Libelium highlighted as principal IoT company in the utilities sector

Libelium has been selected as one of the most important companies in the Internet of Things in utilities by Research and Markets. Utilities are facing significant challenges to their established business model, due to the increasing need to support distributed generation like wind and solar, storage, and electric vehicle charging, while keeping costs down.

The “Internet of Things in Utilities – Thematic Research” focuses on understanding the impact of the internet of things (IoT) in the utilities sector. It discusses how the industry has been quick to adopt technologies like smart meters and smart grids, precursors to the wider adoption of holistic IoT solutions.

The report lists the big players in the IoT sector and where do they sit in the value chain. It identifies the main trends in the industry over the next two years and analyzes the key themes impacting the utilities industry.

This research describes the impact of IoT on the utilities sector through case studies and key recommendations for stakeholders and utility companies, and also offers a technology briefing on how the key IoT market segments are evolving, and the kind of products that might emerge and the companies that might make them.

Read the entire report at, “Internet of Things in Utilities – Thematic Research”, June 2018, Research and Markets.