I’d like to get some advice on the open source that we are working on.

I'd like to get some advice on the open source that we are working on.


I am writing to get feedback on our open-source projects 🙂

The theme is IoT – Pet-Home-Systems, and this system is using a web messenger application:NaverTalkTalk. And this system can feeds, takes pictures, and opens the door when pet’s stuffy using NaverTalkTalk!

Using Python’s Flask Web framework, we designed a NaverTalkTalk-Chatbot server and created and implemented Pet Home using Raspberry-pi.

(Currently, this system only supports Korean.)

– Main Repository : r/https://github.com/kuj0210/IoT-Pet-Home-System

– Chat bot repository : r/https://github.com/IoT-Pet-Home-System/chattingBotServer

– Pet home repository : r/https://github.com/IoT-Pet-Home-System/petHomeSystem

At this time, the functions are as follows :

1. Registering users


Me : Register

Chatbot: Register according to the user registration form below.

( Registration procedure completed )

Chatbot: User registration completed! Welcome!

If you enter the keyword ” Register[등록]”, ask them to register using the link below, and enter the member information from the link below to notify you that the user registration is complete through a push message.

2. Feed


Me: Feed

Chatbot: The ” feed ” function has been received.

( After feeding )

Chatbot: tells you. I have completed feeding!

If you enter keywords about what you feed, add what you eat to Pet Home on the request list. When you have finished feeding your pet, a push message informs you that it is complete.

3. Open door


Me: And open the door.

Chatbot: The “open” function has been received.

If you ask to open the door of Pet Home, you list it on the server. The pet home then performs the opening of the door, and a push message informs you that it is done.

4. Take a picture

This push image is only test image.

Me: Please take a picture for me.

Chatbot: The “camera” function has been received.

( After the photo action request is completed )

Chatbot: This is from (Pet-Home-test)[펫홈 테스트].

Pet-home-image / This is the picture you requested.

If you ask me to take a picture, I put it in the list. After that, chatbot send a push message with pet-home photo.

5. Push alarm when left for a long time


Chatbot: It’s been 6 hours since you didn’t open the ‘s house. I think it’s going to be stuffy.

Chatbot: It has been 12 hours since I had to feed the . Wouldn’t it be hungry?

After a certain amount of time has passed, the chatbot sends a push message.

6. Push notification when pet movement is not visible for a long time

The camera always watches your pet except for the capture feature. But if you don’t see as many pets as you have set, or if you don’t see any abnormal movements, you’ll send a push notification.

” I can’t see 6-pet movements. “

There are six major functions, and the function 1 to 4 is to send push message requests directly from the pet home when a user commands a chatbot.

The way to get the command about the chatbot was to conduct a morphome analysis using a Python package called KoNLpy . and then to weigh the noun to the verb and the pet home command.Regarding pet movement, we implemented a method of capturing the movement of the pet using the Dense Optimal Flow of OpenCV. (For now, if you are not moving for a long time or if you are less than the number you enter, push)

In addition, when Pet Home continually sent a Chatbot server (GET), the Chatbot server implemented a list of requests stored in DB to Pet Home.

As I am still a student, I am lacking a lot. Nevertheless, I’m sure your evaluation, advice and comments will help us greatly in the process of this project!

And if you liked it, I would be even more grateful if you could shoot Github Star!Thank you for reading a long letter while you are busy.

+ ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPyjRu5Fu3o&t=20s

This is a video that I’ve taken before, and you can look at it this way.

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