Hungry for the opportunity

I am an international graduate student in the USA. Major: ECE, good GPA, 2+ years of Work Experience. Recently in my termination project, I worked on mimicking smart-city set-up for energy prediction using RPi based edge/fog computing and neural networks. Apart from that, I have several related projects (academic and independent) and hackathon participation. My co-op experience consists of the deployment and maintenance of the IoT products. My skills are considerably good for software and hardware both due to my Bachelor’s in Electronics and a Master’s in Computer Eng. I am hungry for the opportunity. I tried job portals, LinkedIn, Angel, etc but failed to touch the base. Any relevant guidance, links of start-ups/projects, community or people will be helpful. I am not looking for something high-salary gig, but good team/mentor, challenging tasks, sufficient money for bread-bed-beer will be good. Thank you.

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