Automotive Connectivity While You Sleep

Consumers today are always connected. Who doesn’t own a phone or tablet or car that is connected. Many of us have multiple devices that we use for personal or business use, and one or more of them seldom, if ever, leave our side. Fact is, connectivity is a way of life.

According to a recent study by Zogby Analytics, 88% of millennials say the cell phone never leaves their side.

When was the last time you were truly disconnected? Reality is, even when you are peacefully asleep, your connected devices are frantically working; providing updates to applications, receiving work emails, downloading new information, and on and on. This is our life today, and how we stay in touch with each other, with other devices and with current world activities. Bottom line, connectivity is a way of life for most everyone.

And since our vehicle is one of our connected devices, it is part of this tightly knit web of digital interactions in one’s life.

But how secure and private are these sleepless interactions?

As connectivity continues to advance and expand, people demand more personalization, making security more difficult, yet critical. The more we interact with other devices, the more vulnerable our security and privacy. The connected vehicle alone has more connectivity than the top social media network, with over 100 million lines of code. Now add devices that you bring into the vehicle (from your mobile device), and devices the vehicle connects with in the environment around us, security complexity is significantly amplified.

Making sure secured information sharing between people, process and things is Covisint’s specialty. We specialize in identity and access management where identity belongs to the user and their vehicle and devices. And, we authenticate and authorize interaction between people, vehicle and device, assuring secure trusted interactions.

At Covisint, we are dedicated to securing sensitive and personal data so that your privacy is not jeopardized, and you enjoy a safe connected vehicle experience. So, the next time you give your keys to a parking tenant, you will have a piece of mind that your information is secure.

Learn more by listening to our latest webinar on securing the connected vehicle.

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