SYNNEX is transforming shipping with IoT-connected vehicles

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have dramatically improved visibility within day-to-day business operations in ways that have helped companies unlock countless new opportunities for cost efficiency and revenue growth. IoT has had an especially significant impact on the transportation industry, where it is often necessary to track hundreds or even thousands of vehicles and other assets while ensuring that sensitive cargo remains intact and secure.

Traditional GPS-based services have long provided simple tracking, but their high cost and lack of flexibility have limited their adoption among small and medium-sized companies. But by pairing GPS technology with the Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics, SYNNEX developed a low-cost solution called TrackingForLess that combines real-time location and environmental monitoring, theft detection, maintenance scheduling, remote diagnostics, and a host of other features to help businesses find, track, secure, and ensure the integrity of their assets. The flexibility of Azure IoT also enables customers to tailor their TrackingForLess solution to support whatever other services or capabilities are required.

Quality Logistics, a growing trucking company, was an early adopter of TrackingForLess. When it started out, tracking each truck by hand was manageable. However, by the time it was operating more than 120 trucks and 400 trailers that regularly carried goods across the U.S. and Canada, tracking them became a huge challenge. “We had multiple people spending countless hours trying to confirm the location of our equipment,” said Tyler Levato, the company’s operations manager. “That takes a lot of fuel, manpower, time, and energy. We were spending thousands of dollars a week on it.”

TrackingForLess saved Quality Logistics 40 to 50 hours a month, not to mention more than $6,000 it used to spend each month searching for lost equipment. The company can also keep precise track not just of the location—down to the meter—of each truck and trailer on the road, but of whether trailers are loaded and whether the doors are open. They can even connect IoT devices, such as dashboard cameras and sensors that measure temperature and humidity, to improve driver and cargo safety. As a result, they were able to solve more problems than they had expected to, creating new opportunities to scale the business even further and more quickly than before.

To learn more about TrackingForLess and how IoT can transform your industry, read the full case study here.

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