Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week

An Android Things Flower, a DIY Reflow Controller, a Bitcoin-Powered Wall Outlet, a Portable NES Emulator + More

Expression Flower

A flower that smiles with you.

Reflow Master

An easy to use graphical reflow controller for your toaster oven!

Blinkenlights for Burning Man & Beyond

Light up your bike, skateboard, scooter, self, or other object with this in-depth guide. Get custom… Get fabulous.

Roomberry Surveillance Robot

Roomberry is a surveillance robot based on Roomba using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a camera module.

Bitcoin Powered Electrical Outlet

A smart electrical outlet that allows customers to rent electricity by paying with Bitcoins.

DIY Universal CNC Machine

Make a fully-functioning CNC machine that can accept different tools for less than $150.

Netduino WiFi Lock

Unlock your deadbolt remotely through WiFi using Netduino.

Home Web Server

Tired of paying for hosting, or being limited by free hosting providers restrictions? Build your own web server!


A portable NES Emulator (runs on EPS32) in an NES Controller. Up to 14 ROMs and 2.5h playtime, all for less than $25.

Netduino Connected Appliance Shield

Same code as example but with a scaled down single shield with 120 VAC in powering the Netduino and a relay to turn your appliance on/off.

Arduino Spider Robot

Make you own phone-controlled “crawler robot.”

OMEN Bravo

An easy as possible, but still expandable, single-board computer with 65C02 CPU.

Raspberry Pi Upside Down Mount for 3D Printing

A 3D-printed coolant hose mount for the Raspberry Pi and its Camera, meant to hang upside down via zip ties in order to monitor prints.

Transforming Atari 2600 Controller

A modern replacement of an Atari controller that transforms between a joystick and a paddle using the same base.

Hybrid Drone

Generally we have only seen drones fly, but how cool would it be if we can maneuver it on the ground as well?

Cameo: A 3.3V ⇄ 5V Level Adapter for PocketBeagle

Two TXS0108E ICs enable PocketBeagle to speak 5V… perfect for bitbanging and interfacing with your favourite retro computers!

Smart Home Electrical Distribution for Floods

This hack is a proof of concept that shuts off power only to the level of the house that has been flooded, allowing for normal use elsewhere.

Razzler: POV LED Toy Top

A toy top based on an STM32F0 that uses an accelerometer to display POV animations on a line of LEDs as it spins!

Motion Sensing Glove DigiTe

A motion-sensing glove made using pressure-sensitive conductive cloth.

Arduino Pendulum Physics Lab

Easy to build pendulum to get data from an Arduino, analyze it to find the period, and connect theory with experiment.

Electric Paint Light-Up Cosplay Sword

Use some copper tape and Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint to light up a few 5mm LEDs. No soldering required!

Sub-Q Warmer

The Sub-Q Warmer is a subcutaneous fluid warmer for cats with kidney conditions that cannot drink enough water to maintain hydration.

Smart Home Hub with Raspberry Pi + Homebridge + Resin OS

Want to use a device that HomeKit doesn’t support? Get Raspberry Pi running with Homebridge using Resin OS and change you home forever.


An Arduino Uno-based synthesizer with knobs, joystick, and ribbon controller in a portable package.

Google Home — Automatic Trash Can

“OK Google, open the trash!” By integrating obniz with Goole Home, your trash can will open/close automatically.

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