Arm acquires Treasure Data to enable device-to-data IoT platform capability

Arm has announced the acquisition of enterprise data management provider Treasure Data in order to become the ‘final piece of the company’s IoT enablement puzzle.’

The move will see technology from Treasure Data, alongside another recent acquisition in connectivity management provider Stream, combine to form what Arm is calling the Pelion IoT Platform, which will ‘enable companies to seamlessly and securely connect and manage IoT devices and data at any scale’, in the words of the company.

The Pelion IoT Platform will look at delivering three primary outcomes; around device management, connectivity management – as per the Stream technology – and data management. The platform will draw experience from more than 140 partners, across mobile, network operators, and other tech vendors.

Dipesh Patel, president of the IoT services group at Arm, set the scene when announcing the acquisition yesterday. “IoT investment is evident, with the $100 billion SoftBank Vision Fund being a prime example of major support in advanced technologies,” Patel wrote in a blog post. “For solutions, we need to make it easy for organisations to provision, update, connect and manage devices, as well as make sense of the incredible amount of diverse data that the IoT is generating.

“IoT [also] requires a strong ecosystem of companies working together to deliver value – one company cannot solve everything alone,” Patel added.

The investment in the space shows no sign of dying down yet. Last month Xage Security, a blockchain security platform provider for the IIoT, accumulated $12 million in a series A funding round which would be used to further develop its security fabric for edge IIoT networks and essential national infrastructure. The funds will help strengthen its tech team and fortify its implementation capabilities and expand the scope of its technology, as Xage supports innovations such as decentralised energy production, 5G networking, and smart cities.

The Pelion IoT Platform is available as of today, with more information to be found here.