REPORT: IoT Arena @ LuxLive 2016 – Day 2

For the second day Iotosphere was following events at IoT Arena of LuxLive 2016.

Day 2 started with Bluetooth talks but till the end of the day Li-Fi took the lead in popularity after the first ever live demo of this new communication technology.

stephen-jacksonStephen Jackson of Casambi talked about specifications for good Bluetooth-based lighting control, including LED luminaires, sensors, Bluetooth mesh, BLE gateway and cloud. He covered various topics – from Bluetooth chip integration in LED fixture cases (where Faraday Cage effect has to be considered) to necessity of having a good API and good user interface in controlling apps.



Aszymon-slupiks a chairman of the Bluetooth Mesh Working Group Szymon Slupik of Silvair presented the latest news about this network technology. He talked about various aspects of Bluetooth mesh including robustness, self-healing, scalability, speed, support for value-added services, security and the need for cross-vendor compatibility. He compared connectivity distances of Bluetooth 4 and 5 which are 500 and 2500 meters respectively. Mr Slupik put an emphasis on value-added services and data collection attached to lighting networks stating that some businesses said they had 6 times more value from collected data then from making energy consumption more effective.



ken-munroThe audience was very excited to see live hacking of iKettle, performed by Ken Munro, an ethical hacker of Pen Test Partners. He reverse-engineered the app which controlls the “smart kettle”, found hardcoded Telnet credentials and modem-like comands. After that it was easy to connect to the kettle and see in plain text Wi-Fi key. Once this is known, with fake SSL certificates, attacker can set Man In The Middle and sniff all the traffic (including passwords).

how-to-hack-a-tea-kettle hardcoded-credentials final-thoughts nespresso-prodigio

Ken pointed out that vulnerabilities are usually the consequence of not applying good secure programming practices (like leaving hardcoded credentials in the code…). He suggested following OWASP guidance.

harald-burchardtHarald Burchardt of PureLiFi performed the first ever Li-Fi live demo in front of the audience and this was truly impressive. He connected PureLiFi’s Li-Fi dongle to his tablet, connected to LED bulb above him and started streaming the video! When he moved into the shade, streaming stopped but then resumed as soon as he moved under another LED. LEDs were wired to Power over Etherned network and their driver had PureLiFi Li-Fi modulator for data which is transmitted through light’s intensity modulations, not visible by human eye).



Mr Burchardt emphasized the benefits of Li-Fi over Wi-Fi:

  • security (ligth does not penetrate walls, data stays between walls)
  • wide unused frequency spectrum, something completely opposite to what we have in radio communication
  • Li-Fi does not interfere with Wi-Fi
  • co-location of access points

He concluded that Li-Fi will not replace Wi-Fi but will complement it enhancing the seamless wireless communication.

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