IoT STARTUPS: Pitch Event by R/GA

On Thursday 27th October 2016 R/GA IoT Venture Studio UK organized showcase event for IoT startups. Auditorium at R/GA London was full of people who came to see presentation of seven innovative products.

Matt Webb, Managing Director of R/GA IoT Accelerator

Matt Webb, Managing Director of R/GA IoT Accelerator program opened the event


Kevin Duffy from Winnow talked about their solution for reducing food waste and cutting costs in restaurants and hotels. Food being thrown away is being identified and weighed making it possible to calculate the cost of the waste and make stocking more efficient.

As commercial use of drones is becoming reality, using them in urban areas does not come with no risks so guys from Flock came up with the tool which uses real-time data for risk assessment. Ed Klinger, Flock’s CEO explained how to use information on population density, traffic, buildings, weather and some other parameters to determine drone’s optimal path.

Millions of people in developing countries don’t have access to national power grid systems making them dependent on expensive batteries and power generators. Daniel Fogg explained how BuffaloGrid came up with sustainable solution which brings mobile solar power banks to isolated communities. Charging mobile devices is paid by premium SMS and share of profit goes to local agents.

Modern kids would love to play Beasts of Balance – a game which reflects physical into digital world. Nick Button-Brown from Sensible Object demonstrated their latest Jenga-style game and created a fantasy story on his tablet by carefully placing tracked creatures one on the top of the other.

Alfredo Belfiori from FlickTek presented how easy and convenient is to control smart watch with their product which detects and differentiates hand muscle moves when flicking a finger. Each different finger move can be assigned to a different wearable command.

FlickTek’s Alfredo showing muscle moves when flicking a finger

Tracking visitor’s journey and behaviour on some web site is quite easy if compared to tracking routes and choices of shoppers in real shops. Hoxton Analytics‘ Owen McCormack presented their solution which identifies and tracks shop visitors by recording and monitoring moves of their shoes. Cameras are recording lower part of legs, image processing software is detecting and differentiating shoes, data is collected and the output is the path of each person who entered the shop.

Hoxton Analytics pitch

Owen McCormack from Hoxton Analytics presenting recorded customer’s route in a shop

Helen Attia from Chargifi explained how satisfying people’s need to charge their devices at public venues can be effectively used for learning about customer behaviour and marketing campaigns.


IoT startups, apply!

R/GA Internet of Things Venture Studio UK has set up a program for ten selected IoT startups where they will be given investment, work space, support in manufacturing, branding and marketing the product. Companies can apply for this program till 14th November 2016.


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