EFLOW and WSL for IoT Edge development

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STM32U5 MCUs achieve PSA Certified Level 3 and SESIP certifications

STMicroelectronics has announced PSA Certified Level-3 and SESIP3 certifications for its general-purpose secure STM32U585 microcontroller (MCU),

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Renesas and Syntiant offer joint voice-controlled vision AI solution

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G+D warns: chip shortage threatens vital economic sectors

The global semiconductor shortage is causing bottlenecks in numerous industries. The international technology group Giesecke+Devrient (G+D)

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How to place two or more antennas in one design

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The Invoxia LongFi GPS tracker becomes one of the first IoT devices compatible with the revolutionary Helium peer-to-peer network

The new LongFi GPS Tracker Taps into the World’s Largest Decentralized Wireless Network. Invoxia, a global